Bird Houses

Bandstand Birdhouse - $35
This bird house was inspired by the unique band stand on Tappan Square in the center of downtown Oberlin, OH  

License Plate Birdhouses - $20
Using recycled license plates for the roofs, these popular bird houses are a unique addition to your property. If you have a special license plate, we can custom build a house for you to commemorate your first car or any other memorable auto.

Rook Birdhouse (Cedar) - $30

Wren House (painted, barnwood or cedar) - $10-$22

Planter-Birdhouse - $28
On Post - $35

Steep-roof on stand (pine or cedar) - 

Rustic Birdhouses (Sm - Lg) - $20-$40
Made from local old barn wood, each of these houses is unique, with added natural and rustic accents.

Lighthouse Birdhouse - $55 - $65
This replica of the Lorain Lighthouse is comprised of over 50 different pieces of wood, and was painstakingly designed over the course of many months, to scale, using multiple images of the actual light house on Lake Erie in Lorain, Ohio. It is available as both a bird house as well as a lit (mini LED lights in most of the windows) version.

Copper Topped Bird Houses - $18-$28

Church Birdhouse - $20
On post - $25

Bird Winter Roosting House - $20
Birdhouse Kit - $12

NEW!!! Hillbilly Bird House - $20
Made from both re-purposed wood and old barn wood, this cute little country style bird house will attract smaller birds such as wrens and chickadees.
Custom Replica Birdhouse - $70 & up
We can make a miniature replica of YOUR home for a unique bird house for your yard or for display in your home. Fully functional birdhouses, these replicas will be a keepsake for years to come.
Cedar Bluebird House - $22
House on post - $28

Steep-roof House (various decorative) - $35

Seed-Covered Birdhouse - $15-$22

Large Barnwood House
Antique Spindle Stand - $75