Planter Boxes

Picket Planters - $8-$15
Made entirely from re-purposed wood, these pretty planter boxes work well both inside and outside the home.  They are available in white as well as several other solid colors and some are left unfinished to allow the many colors of the re-purposed woods to define the look of the planter.  They are available in multiple sizes and shapes, and our assortment is always changing as we find new colors of old wood to work with.

Variety of Picket Planters - $8-$15

NEW!!! Large Picket Box/Tray with Handle - $20 
This larger planter box would work equally well as a catch-all inside the home for magazines, T.V. remotes, etc.

NEW!!! Bird House Planter - $12
Perfect for a 3”-4” pot, this lovely little planter can sit or hang in your garden to showcase a pretty flower or trailing plant.

NEW!!! “Dawg House" Feeder/Planter/Carrier - $12 
Show your Cleveland spirit with this Browns Dog House hanging planter, which can also be used as a catch-all for your tail-gate condiments, and a bird feeder during the winter 
Strawberry Tier Planter - $35