Plant Markers

Plant Markers - $5 each
3 for $12.50

These colorful markers will cheer up your herb and vegetable gardens. Made from totally re-purposed wood, the placards measure approx. 4” x 6”, and are attached to a matching (approx. 14”-18” tall) wooden stake. The herb markers are available in assorted colors, and we usually have the following markers available: BASIL, CHIVES, DILL, LAVENDER, MINT, OREGANO, PARSLEY, ROSEMARY,SAGE, TARRAGON, & THYME. 

Markers for herbs not listed above can always be custom-made. The vegetable markers available include: BEANS, CARROTS, ONIONS, CUCUMBERS, PEPPERS, TOMATOES, EGGPLANT, PEAS & SQUASH. All of the vegetable markers are a combination of yellow and green in color. 

Also available is a set of 8 markers attractively packaged in one of our Picket Planter Boxes, which makes a wonderful gift for any garden enthusiast.